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SecuraCourse provides a simple way to stop login sharing and gives you control over unauthorised access to your online course or membership site.

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Secure Your Intellectual Property

You’ve put a lot of time, effort and money into building your course/membership site. Maximise the return on the investment you have made - protect what you have worked so hard to create.

Gain Visibility Over Login Sharing

Do you suspect that people are sharing login details? We give you visibility over who is accessing your course and allow you to manage the amount of devices they use to access it.

Access Insider Market Information

Now you can understand login patterns based on location and peak usage times. We have spent months building and rebuilding with feedback from industry leaders.

How we work

Meet our Team

Kyle Gois


Delivering value, growing into my best self and authentically connecting with people in every interaction drives me. In my downtime you can catch me bouldering, playing/watching basketball, or sipping a good whisky.

Matt St Onge


I love seeing how things work together - both in creating tech and the teams behind it! When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family and on my passion playing and coaching baseball. If you like another sport, it’s probably not as good. I keep an open mind but baseball is better.

Josh Lyons

Business Development Representative

I’ve always been fascinated by what the future holds and making sure I actively play a part in shaping my own path. Cyber Security for the e-commerce market feels like the perfect way to start my journey. I also like to build boats and collect vinyls!

Adam Hudson


Helping people bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life lights me up. I think there's no greater professional joy than seeing "your thing" work.

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