What is SecuraCourse?

SecuraCourse is all about 'securing' your 'course', hence the name. It is a simple tool used to manage and stop login sharing of your course or membership site. In most cases, it will pay for itself after blocking two people. 

Interactive User Screens

Let our software do all the hard work to limit the amount of logins your students are entitled to, which you can manage yourself. As your students log into your course, in a very discrete way, let them know that you are watching, whilst registering their device.

Easy To Understand Dashboard

Track all your students logins in one place. We have spent months building and rebuilding with feedback from industry leaders. We know you’ll love how it looks and how easy it is to use. Capture;

Who’s logging in

Location of your users

Current breaches

# of registered devices

Control Who Can Access Your IP

We know you’ve spent a lot of time and money building up your site. Protect what you have worked so hard to create. In most cases, a course/membership site is a reflection of your life's work or at a minimum, something you have put a lot of time and thought into. We think this is important enough to protect.

Secure Your Logins With Us

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